Lighting Interior Design Service

New house? Just renovated? Building property? Yet no idea on how you want you lighting?
Well then... Our home lighting design service is prefect for you!
We are experts in lighting interior design, providing you with modern twists and high brightness!

Why Choose Lumination?

We are a specialist lighting retail group with over 20 years in the business. Through our stores we see a huge number of customers, we understand their likes and dislikes, we get to see many projects, we need to respond to trends and fashion. We collate all this experience in order to address your needs for your new project.
In addition to our own extensive and exclusive ranges, we have accounts with all the leading lighting suppliers in the UK and so we are actively ‘in-touch’ with developments in the industry. We pay close attention to the technology developments taking place and select what is right for our customer’s needs. We direct import from the centre of world lighting production in China, to bring our customers exclusive products designed and specified by us to meet our exacting requirements.

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Our Approach to Design

Ideally we are involved in the project well before first electrical fix so as we can optimise the approach to the lighting and importantly the positioning of lighting.
Working from drawings we will consider for each room 2 or 3 different lighting designs. We will identify the ‘special’ opportunities to make the lighting unique to the room and the property.
We will always look for the features which are going to make the project special and will seek to incorporate these into the design solution.
We will consult with the client to get to know their preferences, their likes and dislikes, to understand what they want from the lighting and to understand how they will use each room.
This will lead to a draft design which we present both in spreadsheet and as an annotated pdf.
Once we are all satisfied with the overall design we will propose the fittings to be incorporated into the project. We prefer for the client to visit our showroom at this stage to fully appreciate the fittings we are discussing and to consider the wealth of options available.

New Builds

Its never too early to start thinking about home lighting design for your new build or extension. Provided you have architect drawings we are able to work off- plan and this gives us both plenty of time to consider the wealth of lighting options that will be available to your property. Working in advance of construction will also help you to consider in more detail the many aspects you will need to specify when the time comes. Aspect like light switching, power points, lighting control and many more matters will be considered.


With an existing property the site visit is of course all important as we need to understand what you have, what you would like to achieve and what constraints there may be. During the visit we will develop one or more lighting plans which are tailored to your needs and the practicalities of your property before or after the renovation has commenced. We will consider style, materials, fixed locations and flexibility to come up with the best lighting system to meet your needs in terms of price, style and brightness.


Whether you are considering lighting for a care home, a hair salon, a nail bar, a jewelers, a restaurant, a hotel or an office then we can help. From simple lighting of corridors, to presentation of a reception area, to creating high impact features for a ball room, we have the experience to guide you through this important aspect of your business. LED lighting is becoming the next big thing in lighting; LED is cost effective and brighter than current bulbs on the market. We currently offer a designer LED lighting overhaul.

Typical Problems

We have seen the results of not having lighting specialists to assist with design:
The electrician or builder who has a mindset resulting in overuse of the down lighter. Used in every room the down lighter fails to respond to the individuality of the room and its use as well as failing aesthetically. The ‘designer’ who fails to appreciate the alternative approaches to lighting and fails to respond to the individuality of the room.
The ‘designer’ who just gets it totally wrong with fittings in the wrong location, inadequate lighting levels etc... The ‘electrician designer’ who has been blinded by technology and over engineers the property into a control nightmare. There are so many aspects to getting a lighting design right and consequently so many ways in which it can go wrong. So don’t take the risk and engage the professionals from the start.
Mrs F -Taunton – Bungalow extension and refurbish

Assignment is to provide lighting design for whole house comprising 2 bed bungalow and extension Site visit to assess property and discuss room by room with client Prepare spreadsheet covering each room and lights proposed together with commentary as regards electric work required switching arrangements etc. Proposal for supply of selected light fittings.

Mr & Mrs BW -Taunton - Penthouse Apartment

Latest assignment is to design lighting for 2 bedroom penthouse apartment. Client seeking contemporary Scandinavian look with some ‘funky’ pieces. Steps are initial overview shown, followed by 2 hour client consultation to address; Likes and dislikes Design preferences How they will be using each room To gain an understanding of the client Followed by spreadsheet solution for an initial design, based on which there will be several iterations to narrow down to the final solution. Proposal will identify individual fittings and costing Finally a marked up pdf with all fittings and locations identified ready for electrical contractor to cost his works

The Cost

The starting point for the design service is £150 plus VAT this will include :
• One hour site visit, one hour round trip travel time (from the nearest store).
• Approximately 2 hours of follow up work.
• This will be adequate for a small house or for a main living area with special features to consider. • The customer with receive an annotated drawing, a spreadsheet summarising the lighting for each room and going onto identify the recommended fittings.
• The customer will recover (all or part of ) the design fee through an automatic 10% discount on purchases.
Larger properties will require more time and hence the design fee will increase. For a 5 bedroom detached property covering all rooms and external the fee will be in the region of £400 plus VAT.
Our in house lighting designer always gets great feedback.

- Step 1 -


If you have drawings please send them in pdf form so we can assess the scale of your project. If the property already exists then a few pictures will help us to understand your project.

- Step 2 -


Contact us on 01823 618641 or email We will ask you to e-mail your image or drawings and we will agree a cost for the design services.

- Step 3 -


We will arrange a meeting either on-site or at our offices to discuss your needs in detail and so we can get an idea on where to start the design process.

- Step 4 -


If you provided drawings you will receive annotated drawings presenting the first draft of the lighting plan. This will be followed by discussions and amendments.

- Step 5 -


You with receive a spreadsheet summarising the lighting for each room and identifying the recommended fittings. This will be budgeted for the proposed lighting scheme.

- Step 6 -


When ready, we will be pleased to supply the lighting and we will ensure you have competitive offers. You will benefit from at least a 10% discount on all your lighting.


145 East Reach
01823 618641

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