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Looking for inspiration ? Struggling to find the right lighting solution ? Confused by all the rooms to be lit ? Electrician arriving Monday ? Look no further, simply book an appointment with our designer for a visit to your home for a consultation. We will review each room and recommend lighting solutions and options. Back in the store we will guide you through the numerous suppliers to find the right designs for you. We aim to take the stress out of selecting your lighting and ensuring you achieve a result which you will be delighted. There is a fee for this personalised service which is normally redeemable against purchase of your light fittings. Please ask a member of staff or phone 01823 618641 for more details A home consultation normally takes an hour and includes up to a further 2 hours of designers time. If your project needs more time then we will advise you of any additional charges following the first consultation. Please note we are domestic lighting specialists able to advise and guide you in your selections. We are not electrical contractors or architects and we therefore do not replace the services they offer. The design service fee applies to projects within a 30 mile radius of any one of our stores. For projects located outside of this area please call 01823 618641 to discuss.

New Builds

New House? Let's make it a home

Its never too early to start thinking about home lighting design for your new build. Working off plan gives us the opportunity to consider some very effective lighting solutions such as in-floor lighting, inset stairs lighting, concealed lighting etc. Working off plan we can guide you as to the options that are available whether that be wall lights, ceiling light, inset lights. How you plan to use a room forms an important part of the briefing helping us to interpret your needs as accurately as possible. Know what you like as well as what you don't like are equally important in helping us to home in on a solution that is going to work for you. Off plan means we can suggest where to locate your lighting and we will be able to provide sufficient detail for your electrician when he comes to preparing for first electrical fix. Once construction has reached 'ready for first fix' is the ideal time for us to make a site visit to fine tune the lighting design and start to identify actual fittings for consideration. It is at this point we can assist in budgeting and helping you to come to decisions about what is going to work for you. We are happy to work from your plans and will provide you with a lighting specification sufficient for your electrician to design his wiring layout.


Just had a upgrade?

With an existing property the site visit is of course all important as we need to understand what you have, what you would like to achieve and what constraints there may be. We will spend time listening to you, understanding the way you use each room and what are your plans. We will look at each room and seek the features that we might use for enhancing the lighting effects. During the visit we will build one or more lighting plans so that by the end of the session we have what we hope will be a consensus on the way forward. All this will be summarised in the form of a spreadsheet detailing each room and the lighting proposed. This may extend to the selection of the fittings themselves. This is the prefect build for light design.


Garden looking a bit outdated?

Effective lighting of the garden will bring it alive at night and thereby extend your enjoyment of this important part of your home. Whether you are lighting for effect or lighting for use or indeed both we will provide you with lighting schemes which will realise your desire. Every aspect of garden lighting needs close consideration to bring out the most of the features and ensure a balance across the whole. Lighting of trees is an art with many different approaches with options on light source, location, intensity and more.. Invariably the domestic lighting design will include a site visit (at night) to demonstrate some of the options available and to help ensure we get it right first time.


Own a commercial property

Whether you are considering lighting for a care home, a hair salon, a nail bar, a jewellers, a restaurant, a hotel or anywhere that is seeking beauty through the lighting effect and the light fittings themselves then we are here to help. Businesses that are targeting clients who seek luxury need themselves to offer the right environment demonstrating attention to detail and design excellence. We have suppliers from around the world with vast collections of lighting designs and our job is to help you make the right choices to achieve the result you are seeking. If you have a care home, a residence for the elderly, a development of apartments we are here available to assist you throughout the project making sure your lighting gets the right professional attention.


There are now strict regulations governing the design of fittings suitable for installation in the bathroom. Bathroom lighting can be categorised into three areas; ambient, functional and decorative.

When designing kitchen lighting there are two main considerations being the ambient lighting of the room and the specific lighting of the work surfaces. Having these two working together is the best solution ensuring you have good quality light where the preparation is being done and ambient light giving the desired effect for the room. Primary lighting for the kitchen needs to provide a good overall level of ambient lighting. Options are - recessed spot lights, surface spot lights, fluorescent fittings, design LED and statement pieces.

There are ordinarily several options as to how to light a room and the final arrangement will need to take into account the function of the room and how it is used.
The living room has many lighting options such as centre lights, wall lights or surface spot lights, flush lights and free standing lamps. Light fittings can be used singularly such as just centre lights or just wall lights. Alternatively, they can be used together such as wall lights with centre lights, centre wits with free standing lamps and such.
Lighting for the bedroom is quite different from other rooms in the house as the way in which we use the bedroom for relaxation, dressing, reading and sleeping all set their own requirements. Apart from the lighting itself spending time to get the switching right will make life much more convenient when using the room.



Please feel free to contact us

The starting point for the design service is £150 including VAT this will include:
For an existing house or an extension;
• A one hour site visit, one hour round trip travel time (from the nearest store) and approximately 2 hours of follow up work
• This will apply to a property within 20 miles of any of the stores.
• Typically this will be adequate to cover a small house or for a main living area with special features to consider.
• The customer with receive a spreadsheet summarising the lighting for each room and going onto identifying the suggested fittings to be used.

Our in house lighting designer always gets great feedback.

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